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Technical details of Pit Type Weighbridge:

  Convenient for situation where space is a constraint.
  This type Weigh Bridge is on road level.
  Each weighbridge platform consists of main I-Beams and transverse I-Beams bolted together to form a rigid structure.
  Mild-steel plated are then bolted on top to complete the structure.
  Price: Mail / Call us.
  Warranty: 1 year & 5 years for structure.
  Brand: HMT (India).

Pit Type Truck Weighbridge - Technical Details

Weighbridge Platform Size:

  • 7mtr X 3mtr (30/40 Ton with 4 Load Cells)
  • 24mtrX 40 mtr (150/200Ton with 10/12 Load cells)

Advantages of Pit type Weighbridge:

  • Occupies lesser space
  • No requirement of ramps for loading & unloading of vehicles                                                  Click here for Pitless Weighbriges

Disadvantages of Pit type Weighbridge:

  • Requires Expensive Pit Construction
  • Not good for high water table location
  • Hazardous Gases can collect in Scale Pit
  • Safety Issues related to Pit


  • Safety Guiding Rails
  • Remote display
  • Printers
  • Multi-platform
  • Guard posts
  • Traffic poles
  • CCTV Interface
  • Digital instruments
  • Manhole rings and covers
  • Computer software packages
  • Custom size and configurations
  • Multi-axle configurations
  • Infra-red and card reader systems
  • SMS Transmission (GSM Interface)
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