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Weighbridge Calibration Service Provider in Kuwait

Technical details of Pitless Type Weighbridge:

  HMT Pit less Weighbridge are manufactured from IS: 2062 structural steel which form a fully welded structure to provide high rigidity.
  Mild steel plate is welded on it to complete the structure.
  It is most suitable where excavation is difficult or pit construction is costly.
  Platform Size & Number of Load cells:   
  • 7mtrX3mtr (30/40Ton) to 18mtrX3mtr (80/100Ton)
  • 6/8

  Price: Mail / Call us.
  Warranty: 1 year & 5 years for structure.
  Brand: HMT (India).

Advantages of Pit less Weighbridge:

  • 40% lower civil construction cost
  • Maintenance is easy as all electronics components and weighbridge structure are accessible above ground level
  • No need for Guiding Girders Main i-beams acts as guiding girders Problem of Pit maintenance is eliminated
  • Less complex foundation requirement
  • Fewer problems with water drainage
  • Accessibility to the weighing component is easier

Disadvantages of Pit less type Weighbridge:

  • Requires large area to install
  • Requires loading & unloading Ramps.                                                  Click here for Pitless Weighbriges
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