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Pressure Switch - Technical Data

Brand: Orion

Model: NSE 1 PFO H30 A3 S3 1

Country of Origin: India

Technical Specifications

o Pressure Range: 2.0 -25.0 Bar (Customer Preferred)

o Maximum Working Pressure: 35.0 Bar (Customer Preferred)

o Norammaly Open; Switch Closes at 13 Bar (Factory Set; But Customer preferred operating pressure)

o Electrical parameters: 5A,24V DC (Customer preferred)

o Operating Type: Silver contact SPDT

o Switch Type: PFO (Pressure switch Fixed differential)

o Terminal Type: Plug

o Pressure Port Material & Size: SS 316L & ¼” BSPM

o Delivery: 10 working days to all Gulf / Middle East Countries

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