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We ship Micro Ohmmeter to all Middle East / Gulf Countries in 2 working weeks

Accurately measure very low contact resistances on all types of electrical products including motors, switchgear, breakers, busbars, generators, reclosers, transformers

Micro Ohmmeters - Technical Data

Models: MRM-10, MRM-10E, MRM-100, MRM-200

Brand: PHENIX Technologies

Country of Origin: USA

Safety and Design Features:

o Microprocessor controlled.

o 4-Wire Kelvin measurement.

o Easy to read Digital Screen Display.

o IEC Safety compliant.

o Separate cable/Accessories carrying case.

Technical Specifications:

Insulation Resistance measurement: (upto 2000 MΩ)

  • The measurement voltage is selected between the two values 250 V or 500 V
  • On-line insulation resistance measurement
  • Automatic discharge of tested object’s capacitance after measurement of insulation resistance
  • Acoustic determination of 5 seconds time intervals that facilitates to take time characteristics during insulation resistance measurement
  • Protection against live objects

Low voltage resistance measurement in range 0...2000 Ω:

o Current measurement is less than 10 mA with resolution 0.1 Ω

o Quick acoustic signalling (beeper) for circuit resistance below 10 Ω

o AC/DC voltage measurement in range 0...600 V:

Automatic detection AC/DC voltage.

o Autoranging.

o Suitable for 50 Hz and 60 Hz network.

o Backlit display.

o AUTO-OFF function.

o Meter meets the requirements of the standard EN 61557.

Resolution & Accuracy:

  • Insulation Resistance Measurement : 1k Ω & ± (3% m.v. + 8 digits)
  • Resistance Measurement : 0.1Ω & ± (4% m.v. + 3 digits)
  • AC/DC Voltage Measurement : 1V & ± (3% m.v. + 2 digits)
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